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Moving Toward Health

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The Education Through Movement (ETM) Program of HighScope's Movement & Music Division has developed Moving Toward Health, a series of classroom experiences designed to encourage students to be physically active in the course of their day. Rather than reducing or replacing time spent on academic content, the program supplements and enhances the learning process with research-based movement activities.

Through a series of innovative techniques, physical activity becomes an integral part of everyday learning in the school setting. Movement and music are used as a means of delivering essential content in a way that encourages healthy physical activity while reinforcing academic concepts.

While Moving Toward Health can benefit students of any age, it is particularly recommended for use in preschool and elementary K–2 classrooms — where the potential is greatest for lasting changes in behavior and positive long-term impact.

The program: Two days of training, three days of classroom support, and a lifetime of health for students.

Based on decades of practical experience and supporting research, the program is presented and taught in a way that makes it optimally effective for both teachers and students. During two days of intensive training, educators learn:

Teaching Children to Be "Active Learners"

Considering the many hours children spend in school, classrooms may well be the most promising venue for making a large-scale impact on the health of children. ETM helps reverse the trend toward weight issues by replacing sedentary patterns with physical activity.

  • Techniques for engaging students through the use of movement
  • Active learning strategies for the classroom
  • Effective approaches for integrating academic subject matter with physical activity
  • Fundamentals of motor development
  • The application of "steady beat" movement to reinforce learning

Teachers learn and practice curriculum-appropriate activities that can be used during classroom time and transition periods. Day-long training sessions with staff are followed by interactive classroom demonstrations with students.

Teachers have an opportunity to see activities modeled by a movement and music trainer. Participants also develop and share.

Moving Toward Health

Movement, Music & Timing

Moving Toward Health: Preventing and Overcoming Obesity in Children



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