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Sample Activities

To see sample activities and other ideas from real teachers, visit the Forums in our eTools section and Ideas From the Field.

Children benefit from a variety of regular group experiences in HighScope Preschool programs. These planned parts of the day include small-group time, large-group time, and transition times.

At right are links to some sample activities for these times, taken from books and curriculum sets that are available in our online store.These are intended as representative plans that adults can use as models as they develop their own group activities.

girl with hoop (Gregory Fox Photography)

Group times are an opportunity to introduce new materials, activities, and concepts
Small- and large-group times for preschoolers each generally last about 15 minutes. During these times, adults introduce children to new materials and activities, which the children can then continue to explore at work time. New skills and concepts from HighScope's content areas are often the focus of a group activity. Group times also offer social opportunities to children.

Group times grow from children's interests as well as the curriculum's content areas. 
HighScope teachers put thought and effort into planning group times. They use their daily observations to see what children are interested in and how they can further their explorations in these areas. Group times are also the parts of the day when learning that needs to be systematic and sequenced — such as specific skills and concepts in literacy or mathematics — can be guaranteed for all children. However, even when a group activity is planned around specific concepts, teachers give children opportunities to take initiative and make choices.

Do you have an innovative large- or small-group plan that you would like to share? If so, HighScope wants to hear about it! See Share Your Activities for more information.

Small-group activities from Small-Group Times to Scaffold Early Learning

Math activities from Numbers Plus Curriculum

Large-group activities from 50 Large-Group Activities for Active Learners

Transition activity from "I Know What's Next!"

Video clips of small-group activities

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