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Infant-Toddler Program Quality Assessment (PQA)

Learn OnlinePQAabout HighScope's online program quality tool, OnlinePQA, that is available for preschool, family child care, and infant-toddler programs.

Assessing the quality of care and education in programs serving the zero-to-three age group can be extremely challenging since very young children need intensive support and their needs change so rapidly. In this PQA, HighScope has solved that problem by including items and indicators that detail the specific caregiving, environmental, and planning practices essential to high-quality child care programs for infants and toddlers.

Form A: Observation Items is the first part of the Infant-Toddler PQA. It is completed primarily based on observations in the care setting. This assessment includes 25 items with easy-to-understand indicators in four key areas:

  • Learning environment
  • Schedules and routines
  • Adult-child interaction
  • Curriculum planning and child observation

PQA Form B: Agency Items for Infant-Toddler and Preschool Programs completes the  assessment provided in Form A of preschool and infant-toddler versions of the PQA. Data for Form B is gathered primarily through interviews. Form B measures administrative aspects of program quality using 24 assessment items and detailed quality indicators in three areas:

  • Parent involvement and family services
  • Staff qualifications and staff development
  • Program management

This combined Form B may be used either for infant-toddler or preschool programs, as well as for programs serving both age groups together.

For both Forms A and B, items are scored using objective 5-point rating scales. The quality indicators provide detailed examples and explanations to guide scoring right in the assessment itself, so users do not have to refer to another document while gathering data or scoring.

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